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The evolution of molecular scents. A new olfactory experience, thanks to the molecule Amber Xtreme BSX releases volume and provides a gradient of wood and dry

Optico fragrances

Price 120€ / 100ml
  • A feast of Italian citruses that blends bergamot from Calabria, sweet orange, primofiore lemons from Sicily and pink grapefruit, with a heart of bitter orange blossom, all held by a base of amber and white musk. Its harmonious blend gives this fragrance a unique strength and a persistence never before seen in a citrus blend.

    Head: : Bergamot from Calabria, Sweet Orange from Sicily, Primofiore Lemon from Sicily, Pink Grapefruit, Provence Lavender
    Heart: Bitter Orange Blossom, White Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley
    Base: Ambergris, White Musk, Ambrette Seeds

  • This blend presents itself with Citrus head notes sparked by zesty Ginger and mischievous pink pepper, followed by a sky full of star anise that leads to the charming Red Tea from Sri Lanka. At the base of Amber we find notes of musk and vanilla bean that complete this marvelous fragrance.

    Head: Bergamot from Calabria, Sweet Orange from Sicily, Pink Pepper, Star Anise
    Heart : Red Tea, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Sandalwood
    Base: Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk, Vanilla Bean

  • The aroma of Vanilla from the Reunion Island dances with a note of Powdered Sugar, then quickly opens the scene to more emotional Ambrette Seeds. A warm heart of Benzoin Resign and Tonka Bean leads to the grand finale of dry and sensual Vanilla Bean.

    Head: Powdered Sugar
    Heart: Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Ambrette Seeds
    Base: White Musk, Vanilla Bean

  • This blend is charming right from the first soft notes of Geranium and Rose. The sweet harmony continues with Costa Rican coffee in a heart that sings a melody of Wood and Oud. The composition ends with a seductive weave of mysterious Ambergris and intriguing Musk.

    Head: Rose, Geranium
    Heart: Coffee, Cashmere Chord, Cedarwood, Oud
    Base: Ambergris, Musk

100% Made in Italy

A collection of four Fragrances inspired by Optical Art, an Abstract Art movement from the Sixties that uses Black and White to create optical illusions. The idea is to stimulate sight and smell at once, with a twofold artistic creation that brings together images inspired by Optical Art and unique fragrances. Each fragrance is created with top-notch raw materials inspired by nature.

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